Meet the Artist

Leslie Gregersen is a native to Durant, Oklahoma and a tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. As a child she grew up in advanced classes, academic teams, and gifted and talented classes. Although an academic, she found her expressionism best in the natural world and in art.

As she grew older, she focused her passions and abilities and became an alumnus to Southeastern Oklahoma State University holding Bachelors in Visual Arts, and a second Bachelors in Zoology. Serving as Green Club president, and member of the Wildlife Club, she was active in the community with events like the annual ‘Durant Trash Off’, and helped initiate a recycling program at Southeastern.

She is very passionate about animals, the natural world, conservation efforts, and incorporates those passions into her art. Her love of all things nature and animals runs back to her child hood and has always been expressed through a variety of media. She has strong spirituality and connection with the natural world, sociological issues, and empathetic to the human condition. She uses her art, her own life, and a multitude of resources to contribute in Durant’s local community and those less fortunate.

She is founder of Project Create and advocates many issues such as violence, domestic violence, happy living, and promotes positivity in action. A passion that started early in her college years. Through this cause, some of what has been accomplished is facilitating ‘Lake Texoma Clean-up’s’, fundraising for families in need, and contributing to churches and ministries in the area, in addition to providing artwork to victims’ families of violence, and church artworks. She often does charitable and donation works for many good causes.

She teaches painting classes part-time at Elements Art Center in Durant, Oklahoma, and works as an officer for the State of Oklahoma.

Though she is very active in the community, an advocate for anyone in need, and lives a life of immersing herself into causes, her biggest pride and joy is being a mother to one little boy who shares a love for all things of nature and artistic.